CSE 2013

About CSE 2013

2013年09月25日 11:53

We are very pleased to announce that the 11th International Symposium on Carbon Saves the Earth - Novel Materials and Processes for Energy Devices and Environmental Protections and 3rd KU-KIER Joint Symposium on Green Energy Processes and Materials will be held at Unzen National Park in Nagasaki Province from November 10th to 12th, 2013. The motivation and aim of the meeting is to foster the cooperation of science and engineering of materials and processes for energy saving, cleaning, storage and conversion, and also for environmental protection, where methods in one field are used for solving the problems of the other fields, and vice versa, having in mind the need to strengthen the fields which are "in between". The symposium covers areas that are included to 

(1) Conversions of carbon resources;

(2) Pyrolysis of carbon resources;

(3) Nano carbons including CNTs, CNFs, graphene and others;

(4) Porous materials for catalysis and adsorption;

(5) Graphites and their applications;

(6) Carbon fibers and their composites;

(7) Carbons for new energy science and engineering;

(8) Novel energy materials, Devices and Processes;

(9) Raw materials and Precursors for Carbons;

(10) Petroleum related science and engineering.