CSE 2013


2013年11月09日 11:39

Final program

The final program is uploaded.


2013年11月05日 19:04


The program is uploaded.


2013年11月05日 17:46

Poster size

The size of poster is 80cm×120cm.  


2013年10月21日 18:52

Welcome party

The welcome party will start at 7:30 pm on November 10th, 2013.


2013年10月21日 17:40

Registration closed

Now, we are not accepting new registrations anymore. Thank you very much for many registrations to the CSE2013 and 3rd GEPM symposiums.


2013年10月21日 17:38

Deadline extended (Full procealings)

Deadline of submission was extended to Oct.31st, 2013.


2013年10月08日 10:18

Format of Full Proceedings

Dear collegue We had uploaded a format of Full Proceeding file is below, 20131007 [CSE2013] Format of Full Proceedings.doc (46080)  


2013年09月25日 11:53

About CSE 2013

We are very pleased to announce that the 11th International Symposium on Carbon Saves the Earth - Novel Materials and Processes for Energy Devices and Environmental Protections and 3rd KU-KIER Joint Symposium on Green Energy Processes and...


2013年09月25日 11:53

Open - CSE 2013 official web page

The official web page of CSE 2013 has been opened, from now on.